Dark Power Light Up Pencil Skirt


The Lumen Couture Dark Power Pencil Skirt is a wardrobe staple and looks perfect whether turned “on” or “off”.

This skirt can display a full spectrum of colors, as well as patterns suck as blinking, wave, and waterfall effects. The power control and settings are controlled through a small remote control that can easily be stored in a hidden pocket or the wearers purse.

This skirt is powered by a USB battery pack (the same kind you charge your phone) that is concealed within the design. Battery and remote included with purchase.

Each garment is designed by seasoned FashionTech designer Chelsea Klukas, who is the co-founder of the internationally-acclaimed fashion technology organization MakeFashion. With MakeFashion, Klukas has produced 6 years of runway fashion shows over the world and has produced of over 100 fashiontech garments. MakeFashion also contributes to introducing young girls to STEM through hands-on education in creating wearable tech fashion.

All garments available for rental! Visit lumencouture.com for details.